There are two cars included in the purchase price. The first car is a 2009 Dodge journey, 2WD, 2.4 liter engine with 112,623 kilometers which is approximately 67,574 miles. We purchased the car new in 2009. It is registered in Mexico and plated with Mexican license tags. The second car is a 1999 Chevy blazer, 4WD that is used primarily to tow and launch the boat. It has 123,489 miles. The four-wheel-drive is pushbutton automatic. Both cars have automatic transmissions.

The kitchen cabinets are brand-new with brand-new marble countertops. The sink is a double composite sink with fixtures that are less than six months old. The cabinet in the master bath is a brand-new. We have removed walls that separated the kitchen from the dining area which has opened up the total area. There are four ceiling fans in the living room and dining area, two in the kitchen area, one in each of the bedrooms, and one in the master bath. There are four mini splits. One in each bedroom, one in the living room and dining area, and one in the kitchen.

My wife has spent a considerable amount of time working on the lawn and gardens surrounding our house. When we purchased the house there was nothing but sand and rocks for a yard. The first thing we did was have the yards sodded. Over the years we have planted all types of ornamental shrubs and flowers. We've installed two large planters that we use to grow all types of fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and melons. Directly in front of our house are the grounds for the hotel Costa Maya Inn. Consequently there will never be any houses built across the street from this house.
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